Big Bang of 2017!

2016 has been one hell of a year. No no. It’s not been awesome, it’s reminded us all of Hell! But like everyone that passes away, we always remember the good things even if they are seldom or next to none. 2016 should be no exception. With the demise of the year, I witnessed something incredible and worthy of shout out in the sad disturbing revolving of the planet that 2016 has been.
Being a Pakistani, the end of 2016 brought a hurricane of weddings, like people knew the end is coming and they wanted the last moments of their life making love to someone, anyone. In case of Pakistanis, marrying and making love to a stranger is not a shocker but reality. We call it arranged marriage or just marriage. Midst all the “just marriages” I witnessed the abnormal! A LOVE marriage. Not just any love marriage. This unique wedding which was based on 2 people knowing each other very well prior to the wedding and were the ones who introduced their families to each other’s families instead of being the other way round had one more distinctive factor to add to its rareness! The wedding was not frowned upon and criticized by the family and kins! No

No scorning relatives treating the bride as the lab rat under inspection nor any Saas with an expression like she just had her liver removed against her will, neither an absent father because he disapproves of the groom! I couldn’t believe my eyes! After I pinched myself a couple of times just to be sure if what I’m seeing is right, another chills -down-the-spine-moment came when I found out there was no exchange of dowry! The groom and his family didn’t want anything against the insurance of safeguarding the daughter of another family? What insanity is this?!
There’s more! Both the fathers were showering love and wishes on the other father’s kid! Mothers were all smiles and happy tears; but not too many tears because that would ruin the makeup. No phupos… ok some phupos were criticizing but no one paid any heed to them! It almost seemed like an arranged marriage with all the approving smiles. The bride didn’t just move her hands a little when she was dragged to the stage… she came at will and performed three dance numbers! And so did the groom! And everyone laughed and cheered! Not just that, the groom’s father treated the bride like his daughter and the daughter treated her like a sister!

Yes! That’s right. I witnessed the unimaginable and that served as the silver lining in the dark cloud that 2016 was. With hope in my heart that my parents would take some food for thought from the wedding and give me a chance towards a marriage of understanding rather than an awkward first-night make-out session, I enter 2017.


2 thoughts on “Big Bang of 2017!

  1. Hasan Hemani says:

    Food for thought. Glad to know such people exists around us. I liked how you crafted the entire tale.
    Feedback for your writing:
    You have a hilarious way of expressing details about your subject and that doesnt bore the reader. I didnt take a single pause while reading it.
    I used to write a lot and in my writings i used to includ a lot of metaphoric examples to make it more intense. Try using it as a different flavor. It might go pretty well with how you have written here.
    Overall kudos for the efforts. God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

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