Dear future adults,

Today is the day we apologize to you. Not for Donald Trump or Kardashians or sagging pants or increasing global warming or overuse of drugs. Not even for songs like Friday by Rebecca Black or slangs like SWAG or cat memes.. we are actually proud of the last one.

We are sorry for the prevailing gender stereotypes that you have to live by.

We apologize that even in the 21st century, we haven’t opened our minds to the possibility of a girl wanting to become a fighter pilot or a guy wanting to become a fashion designer without questioning their sexuality. We are sorry that you are not able to choose a toy made for the opposite gender because the color distinctions and advertisements assure it and then they are kept on separate aisles marked “boys” and “girls” to eliminate any discrepancy left. Even then if you steel yourself and head towards the wrong aisle you can’t pick up a toy without getting an eyebrow raised by us, elders. We are sorry you still get to hear terms like ‘playing like a girl’, ‘man up’, ‘women aren’t supposed to do this’, ‘boys will be boys’, ‘men don’t cry’,  ‘this is what girls do!’ & ‘this is what guys do’.

We are sorry that pink is still for girls even if it makes you sick and blue is still for boys even if you can rock that pink shirt… we will still question your machismo.



We are sorry young girls, that we still live in a society where you are blamed or restricted for actions of some men when you are nothing but a victim to it. We are sorry you are shushed or married off when we feel your mind is too liberated for our society and your work schedules too “man-ish” or even otherwise. We apologize that “making a home for yourself and a man” is still your primary role regardless of what you want to do with your life. 

We are sorry you are still considered the weaker sex even though you pull a baby out of your vagina. We are sorry that this is still the only reason we give to prove that women are strong!


We are deeply ashamed boys, that we expect you to have your life figured out by the age of 25 so that by the age of 30 we can marry you to a young girl, the same girl who wanted to continue her dreams but we cut off her wings. We are sorry young girl, for now, you have to bear a child and we are sorry young boy for you have to support her, yourself and your soon to be born child which we expect to be born within 1 year of marriage. Otherwise, we’ll assume there is something wrong with one of you.

We are sorry young lads, that you are forced to grow up too fast and choose serious occupations instead of pursuing your dreams of becoming an artist or footballer or comedian because you have “responsibilities”, even if you could have given Picasso a run for his money.


We are sorry that we never consider that you can also be harassed. We ridicule it or plainly ignore it even if you muster your courage to talk about it. We are sorry boys and girls that sexual harassment is still an embarrassment for the victim and not for the culprit.

We are sorry for many other things like unequal wages, lost dreams, judgemental glares, ignored hobbies, forced decisions, sexist media & bigot leaders that force you into gender roles that you are not ready to accept! You are not just your body. Going against the grain and choosing your path shouldn’t be such a big deal!  Science says gender is taught to us. We aren’t born with loving blue or pink. Hell, we can hate both or love both! The gross display of forced gender stereotype must end.


Can we still wish to have a new generation where a woman can be a war hero while having 3 kids? And a straight man becomes a successful makeup artist while supporting his war-hero wife raise their kids? My point is young ones, I hope we have it in our heart to allow you to follow your dream without checking whether you have balls in the lower torso or upper. Eventually if as a guy you do want to paint your wall blue and be an engineer then so be it. But to insist that gender roles are always the same is incorrect. Nature is never 100%! At the end of the day, gender roles are just a societal creation and you don’t have to abide by it. We are truly sorry for not giving you an open-minded world because if we would have broken the stereotype then you wouldn’t have to.


A Guilt-Ridden Older Generation.

P.S. Here is a cat meme to make up for it. 011-FUNNY-CAT-MEME.jpg


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