The Unemployment Cycle

There are many decisions, big and small, that define other decisions, big and small, that we make in life. Redemption can be found at any point. You make a bad decision, well, fix it… at least that’s how easy people make it sound like.


In actuality when you make a bad decision, you won’t realize it just yet. It will begin with your temporary stay in a blissful world of rainbows leading to gold pots, goblins, unicorns and Hogwarts. Who am I kidding! Hogwarts is real! How soon you’ll be willing to admit that your decision was Troy-accepting-the-Trojan-Horse level bad, only time will tell. Before you know it, the repercussion of your Trojan will hit you in the face and you will realize that not hunting for a job before leaving your ex-job was a bad call. This momentary lapse of brain loss may cost you a not-so-brief jobless episode.


But it still may take you some more time to let that feeling settle. Admitting you’re an idiot isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us. Look at America’s current President! Hopes are still high, one day he will see light… hopefully, that day would come before he dies and sees The Light. Once you’re enlightened with the cognizance of your stupidity, and you’ve let it sink in, another revelation come unto you. Hold your horses, your self-reflection and introspection is not getting you Prophethood. You realize you’ve wasted a marginal period of time which may be hard to justify when you get your interview. You decide to up your game and begin the tiring hopefully-not-endless process of job hunting. Something that you should have done ages ago, and in case you forget it, your friends and family will be ready to utter those 4 beautiful words sparingly to remind you.. I TOLD YOU SO. Magical.


With hopes in your heart that you’ll get hired immediately, you send in the CV to a limited number of organizations. So limited that the list basically has just one name on it. Once you’ve sent it in, you confidently get back to your own version of Netflix & Chills, where you’re actually just binge watching illegally downloaded series. After some weeks it hits you. You haven’t received any call.  Maybe you’re actually not that desirable as you thought you were. Maybe your sets of skills are nothing compared to the new bunch. With the continuous advancement in technology, who knows what may get out of date… like vines or Fetch!

Here’s when you broaden the horizon of your list of places you would work for. You start by sending your resume to places that are perfect for you. But slowly and gradually you begin emailing places that are too good for you or too bad for you. Until one day you find yourself emailing a company looking for a Male Supply Chain Manager with a 2-year experience. You studied one course of Supply Chain where the teacher basically loathed you and you barely passed, also you have no experience of the job, not to forget you are not a male!


This road can be scary, unemployed lads and ladies. Not only are you jobless, all of a sudden all your friends are hired and can afford 4 star restaurants! But it takes only a second for a Decca-Records-Declining-to-Sign-the-Beatles decision to change into hiring-back-Steve-Jobs-as-the-CEO-of-Apple decision! However, the path towards that one second can be a million seconds. You may at times feel like this guy…


But bad decisions do eventually turn into good ones. It may not happen as soon as the moment when it hits you or when you start making healthier choices. May not even happen when you think of finally giving up or when you find a new reason to keep going. Scientists in NASA have worked tirelessly to predict the exact time of this occurrence, to no success yet. Yes people, that’s what they do when they are tired of finding water on Mars or deciding whether we have 8 planets or 9. They need recreational hobbies too.


So your roller coaster of bad decision leading to multiple failures may seem to be a ditch but the turning point will come. All you have to do is hold on to dear life and pray that the roller coaster is not in the final destination movie.




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