Narcissism (About me)

I am you, I am the person sitting next to you, your best friend, your worst enemy, the person you want to know, the person you won’t even look at twice… I am everyone and I’m no one… depending on my mood.

Hi, it’s Hamnamon, a distinctive Pokemon who can take the personality of anyone and everyone. This blog is about me and my satrical mind working its way through life. My experiences are the experiences that almost all of you may have come across or will witness in life at some point. I’m an amalgamation of right and wrong, good and bad, unique and ordinary. My only rule is having no rules because I’m scared of betraying them.

My unique selling point is finding a joke in my own existence. When people say “the jokes on you”, that you is me!  Some may say I’m unhappy with myself and some may say I’m a narcissist because even when I jest, the punch line is me! I believe I’m neither and both!

Start wasting your time by going on my first blog.

Cheers to lost thought, bruised knees, broken hearts, heart in the mouth situations, foot in the mouth occasions and thandi chai.