Life of a Hamnamon (Excerpt)

Growing up as an extrovert kid who wasn’t cool enough to hang out with, I had no choice but to succumb to becoming an introvert and finding solace in books. This gracious experience of life has given me first-hand experience on how-not-to-spend-your-school-years. Continue reading

Big Bang of 2017!

2016 has been one hell of a year. No no. It’s not been awesome, it’s reminded us all of Hell! But like everyone that passes away, we always remember the good things even if they are seldom or next to none. 2016 should be no exception. With the demise of the year, I witnessed something incredible and worthy of shout out in the sad disturbing revolving of the planet that 2016 has been. Continue reading

The Forbidden Territory- A Parlour

Every thing comes at a cost, even personal grooming. And I’m not talking about the 2 grands that I’m tossing away for some hair trimming. Most of the Parlours demand you to be a certain way to be an acceptable salon-goer. It is like any place in the world, having its norms and its taboos.

The norm is to be a more than farigh woman who loves to chat and gossip about everything that comes under the sky and above the ground… Continue reading